Ever since I have read the Easter Island book by Thor Heyerdahl, I have been fascinated by the Easter Island statues (Moai). Sometimes called Easter Island heads because their heads are disproportionately much bigger than the rest of their bodies, there are a lot that the archeologists don’t know about them.

Ahu Akivi Moai heads
Ahu Akivi Moai
Ahu Akivi Easter Island statues
Ahu Akivi statues
Easter Island Heads
Easter Island Heads
Easter Island Statue
Hello there big nose

What was their purpose, how  were they made and transported, why were they positioned in a certain way and why they were deliberately toppled over at some point in the past. There are a lot of theories put forward but the mystery and romance of Easter Island statues is still there to delight people from all over the world.

moai with canoes
Moai Polynesian style
Easter Island Heads
Easter Island Heads

Easter Island

Easter Island (Rapa Nui in Polynesian) is officially one of the most remote place on earth. Most of consumables have to be brought in from Chile mainland. That is why everything here is so expensive!!! We got a bit of a shock when we could only get powdered milk with coffee. Yes, they have no milk here. No cappuccino!

Ahu Tongariki with Easter Island status in the distance
Ahu Tongariki with Easter Island statuse in the distance
Anakena Beach at Easter Island
Anakena Beach

The island itself is very picturesque and the people are so friendly and welcoming. It might be South America in name but it is definitely Polynesian in nature. People break into song and dance at any opportunity, including at the airport when our flight was delayed!

Easter Island polynesian dansing
Polynesian dancing

From my perspective, the Easter Island is one of the coolest places I have seen and I would recommend anyone to visit it.

Anakena Beach Moai at Easter Island
Anakena Beach Moai
Easter Island statues and their topknots
Easter Island statues and their topknots

A little tip – don’t rely on credit cards when you are here. There are only about 3 or 4 ATMs on the island and most only accept MasterCard. The ATM that accepted Visa ran out of cash on the weekend. A lot of restaurants also only accept cash. So, bring some cash with you just in case.

Easter Island Statues (Heads)

Moai at sunset
Moai at sunset

The main reason we came here is obviously to see the Easter Island Moai, the statues with the big heads. And they are spectacular! The best way to get around and see the Easter Island statues is either on a tour or to hired a car and drive around the island by yourself to see as many statues as possible.

Easter Island statues
Easter Island statues

Easter Island heads at Rano Raraku
The Moai factory at Rano Raraku

Easter Island statues at Ahu Tongariki
14 Easter Island statues at Ahu Tongariki

And that is exactly what we did. What an experience! The Easter Island statues come in different shapes and sizes and, yet again, we caught ourselves wondering why and  how and for what reason.

Easter Island statues Ahu Nau Nau
Ahu Nau Nau statues
Easter island Moia with eyes and topknot at Ahy Akapu
Moai with Eyes at Ahy Akapu

Easter Island statues at Ahu Tongariki
Moai at Ahu Tongariki

And what is even more amazing – a lot of the heads looked like me! In fact, the owner of our guest house was sure she has seen me before. People on the street seemed to recognized me and came up to talk. I must have been important in my past life. And now I know why I have a big head and can never find a hat that fits.

Me and Easter Island statues
Only our mother can tell us apart
Ahu Nau Nau Easter Island heads
Ahu Nau Nau statues at Anakena Beach

Where to stay

Most of the accommodation is in Hanga Roa. There are many options for hotels and guest houses. We somehow ended up staying in a family guesthouse with the largest room I have ever seen.  It
had a queen size bed, 3 single beds and a sunken lounge area. And let’s not forget a huge bathroom which
is not in a separate area but is a part of the main room separated only by a three-quarter high wall with no door!

guest house
And the award for the most interesting room goes to …

Yes, you can sit on the loo and look into the room. Or have a shower while looking out of a large window (not

We weren’t given keys to the room as no one locks the doors and all the windows are always open. I asked the owners about security and they just laughed. They reminded me that it’s a small island and everyone knows each other so “where would you go if you stole something?”. Fair enough!

Moai head
Moai head
Easter Island Moai
Easter Island Moai

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