Igor with the best Pork BBQ Ribs in Sydney
Best Pork BBQ ribs in Sydney

Hello! My name is Igor and I started TravelCrank.com because I believe that most people have very limited time for travel and their holidays will be a lot more memorable and enjoyable if they are better prepared.

Limited Travel Time

Not everyone has the luxury to travel for an extended period. I am no different.

I have a full-time stressful job, a hobby (teaching exercise classes in a few gyms) and some other commitments that come with that thing we call adulting . I try to get away as often as possible and so far I have managed to see about 80+ countries. But when I do travel, I can only go for normally 2-3 weeks tops. That sounds like a long time to some but leaving in Australia, we are a long way from most places in the world.

Travel Destination Research

Before each trip, I research each destination in-depth (some might say to death). Sights to see, cool things to do, places to eat and drink at, live music venues, activities, shopping, etc.

I feel like I learn more about each place as I research and I get more and more excited to get there. I scout travel books, on-line sites, recommendations from locals, tap the knowledge of my friends, FB recommends, etc.  Then I mark them all on a map. This helps me decide on the area I should stay in (close to most places) and I am not (too) lost when I get there (yes, I am directionally challenged and get lots often).

Yes it it a lot of work but I feel like it pays off.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t expect to see every place I find or eat in every restaurant I read about. On my travels I don’t run around from one tourist site to another. I prefer to walk about and soak up the life of each place. If I don’t see something, no big deal, there will be another time.  But because of all the research, I save myself time when I do want to see something as I will also see other places in the same area. And, if I am hungry or feel like a drink, I just look up any places I found that are near where I am at that point. This is what I call “holiday time-saving”.

Why TravelCrank.com?

In Dar Si Saïd Museum, Marrakesh

Most of my friends love to travel too so I am always finding myself sharing my research with them. I have also been blogging  via emails about my travels for years (way before blogging became a thing). And I always get the same comment – “You should start a blog and share your travel experiences with the world”.

Well, here it is. I hope that TravelCrank.com will:

  • Save you time by having most of the information you need for a particular city already available in one place
  • Inspire you by stories and photos to decide on your next holiday place
  • Create better travel experiences and memories by helping you see and do more in less time
  • Connect you with other like travel minded people (more on that later)


As you made it this far (thank you for this by the way, good effort), let me also clarify a few things. Or even apologize for a couple.

  • I am not a professional writer. Far from it. In fact, English wasn’t my first language and it often shows. So, if you find any spelling mistakes, grammatical errors or sentences that just don’t make sense, feel free drop me an email here. Or just laugh as some of my errors can be hilarious.
  • I am not a professional photographer. I am also not very good at touching photos up to make them look amazing. but I do like taking pictures so let me know if you like any of them.
  • Igor vs Cobra
    Igor vs Cobra

    I am from Australia. Our spelling is a bit different to that in the US. So sometimes I actually mean to spell the words a certain way (like centre and not center). So, if you see something you think is misspelled, let’s go with “no, this is how we roll in Oz”.

  • All the research I do myself and use for my own travels at the time when I travel to each place. Most of the places I describe will still be there. After all, you are probably going somewhere because the sites are centuries old so they will not disappear in a hurry. However, we all know that restaurants or bars can close 5 minutes after they open for business even if they are popular and businesses can and do go out of business. So please just check against Google maps if any places I described are still open for business.
  • I think I am funny. You might disagree. No problem.

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